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Signing up to the TitanML platform

These docs are outdated! Please check out for the latest information on the TitanML platform. If there's anything that's not covered there, please contact us on our discord.

Sign up

To signup, navigate to the home page. There, you should be presented with a login box, below which you should find a link to sign up.


The Titan product consists of two parts: the iris command-line interface (CLI), and our experiment tracking frontend. If you're using TitanML's training platform, this web interface will let you track the progress of your training jobs and compare the capabilities of your finetuned & optimized models.

  • To log into the frontend, navigate to and click 'login', entering your username and password into the login page when prompted. Successfully signing in will return you to the Titan frontend, where you can view, edit, and analyse your training jobs and optimised models

  • To log into the command line and dispatch new jobs, or use the takeoff server, use the iris login command. You should receive the following prompt:

1. On your computer or mobile device navigate to: code goes here
2. Enter the following code:  # 8 char code goes here
Logged in as # email address goes here
  • Navigate to the provided link. After checking that the code printed on the login screen matches that presented by the CLI, enter your login details and click login. The CLI should register your login and welcome you to the Titan platform.

If you have logged in successfully then you should be able to run iris get and obtain the following response, indicating that you have no running experiments.

โ”‚ status   โ”‚   total โ”‚ experiments   โ”‚
โ”‚ success  โ”‚       0 โ”‚ []            โ”‚

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