Using a local model

These docs are outdated! Please check out for the latest information on the TitanML platform. If there's anything that's not covered there, please contact us on our discord.

How to use a model I have saved locally?

If you have fine-tuned a model already, you might want to run that in the Takeoff server instead of a model on huggingface.

To do this, you save the model to a local folder ~/.iris_cache.

E.g. you can do this using the huggingface .save_pretrained interface:

model = ...     # load your model 
tokenizer = ... # load your tokenizer


Now you can start the Takeoff server using:

iris takeoff --model <my_model_folder>

Caching HF Models

The .iris_cache folder is also where we will save models once they have been downloaded from huggingface. This is to avoid lengthy repeated downloads of large language models.

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